UltraLite Folding and Walking Cane

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Stop wasting time with the average walking cane. This bad boy has a 700 lumen nightlight that is rechargeable. The three, anti-slip feet at the bottom will ensure you are safe on any surface.

About the product
  • Sturdy graphite 5-section folding cane
  • Durable marshmallow hook tip
  • White reflective tape with six-inch red stripe
  • Straight handle with flat-sided grip

Dante from Michigan says:

"I've been walking with a cane since 2003, and this one is amazing. Solid plastic grip doesn't get hot or cold like metal, and doesn't get mushy or torn like foam. It's a wide grip, good news for a guy like me with wide hands. If you have smaller hands, that might be an issue for you. I'm 6'4" and did not have to set it on its tallest setting for a comfortable grip height, which is good news if you're taller than me or if you're as tall as me, but have shorter arms. Very well designed and certainly ideal for the big and tall crowd."

Lois from Los Angeles says:

"Purchased for husband for knee surgery. I liked Vive's because it looks very masculine and expensive. Adjustable cane height needed since he is 6'3", 205lbs. It's very sturdy, lightweight, and supports 250 lbs. We had access to one that looked too too feminine as far as color and pattern. I read so many reviews on others but this one won me over, as well as, my husband. I did buy a 4 rubber grip to replace the round rubber grip that comes with it. This eliminates having to lean it against a wall, chair, etc. to prevent it falling on floor, etc.. Also, you really have to read deep to find out that this cane has a Lifetime Guarantee! Very nice. Husband say it very comfortable feeling holding it. The color says black but looks better. More like a dark chocolate/black. Gorgeous looking. Looks like the picture. Not a complaint but Vive could be reduced on the cane."