Premium Grabber Tool

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 We can all use a helping hand, Our lightweight, easy-to-use premium grabber tool helps you retrieve and grab hard-to-reach objects without risking hand, arm, back or knee strain.



  • EASY GRABBING - Innovative Design to pick up items with ease, picks up coins, envelops, trash etc..

  • EXTRA STRENGTH GRIPPER - Textured rubberized ends allow for easy grip of hard to grip items

  • EASY GRIP HANDLE - Rubberized and molded to contour to your hand and fingers for easy grip

  • ROTATING HEAD - Grabber tool comes with rotating 180 degree grabber head for more ease and comfort

Package includes:

1 x Grabber Tool,FitPlus Premium Reacher Tool 32


Peter from New York says:

This tool is saving my life!

"I have an injury right now and absolutely can not bend over. This claw is saving my life! Paper, coins, keys, clothes, shoes -- you name it -- if it's on the floor, this claw can grab it! I don't know what I would do at work or at home right now without this item. It is very well made; easy to use; has a magnet; has the kind of grip that allows for grabbing metal cans or glasses if need be. I am so thankful for this item and whoever invented it was a genius! Excellent price!"


Rachel from Florida says:

"I needed something to reach high up places in my home, and so far this is fitting the bill. It is sturdy so far and easy to use. Even my sister who has arthritis in her hands, and is short in height, finds this to be easy to use."