Personal Alarm Keychain

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First and foremost, personal alarm keychain deters crime. Let’s say your home doesn’t have very strong windows. The burglar easily breaks and gets inside.

With a personal alarm by your side, you can hit the button and create a sound that will shock the intruder. With the burglar scrambling to make his way out, you will earn more time, and more time buys you options.

The high-decibel noise from the alarm will also alert the other people inside your home. In case you are alone, its sound is loud enough for your neighbors to hear.


  • 100% Brand new and high quality!
  • This alarm is simple and convenient, not easy to be aware of.
  • Lovely, practical and safety
  • Egg Shape design, it is so lovely that is the best decoration and gift for children or girls
  • Small and light, easy to take away, allowing you to carry it around with you all the time
  • When you need help, pull out the metal key chain pull nail, it can immediately send out alarm, caused the attention of people to help.
  • Suitable for joggers, elderly, disabled, night shift workers or someone who live alone, especially for the women and children
  • Very Loud 120dB Alarm


Sally from New York says:

"Wow! What a siren- I'd feel safe walking through the garage parking structure with this. Good deal."


Lisa from New Jersey say:

"I have given these to many family members and myself too. They are fantastic and loud! VERY VERY loud! They are easy to use and the flashlight comes in handy and surprisingly gives off a lot of light for a little key holder. The alarm is easy to pull out and replace. I feel that the alarm would alert anyone within a 150 or more yard radius! I bought these recently because my friend was attacked in a parking lot late at night. She had this alarm and when the attacker grabbed her and told her to get in her car, she pulled the alarm and he ran like the devil. All the people in the parking lot turned to look at what caused that very loud sound is what saved her. Everyone should at least carry one of these if they don't have a gun on them."